Integrated Fuel Solutions

Stabilis Energy is one of the largest suppliers and distributors of liquefied natural gas (LNG) to the industrial and the LDC sectors in North America. Stabilis provides turnkey fuel solutions and wholesale LNG supply to convert industrial users of diesel, propane and other crude-derived fuels to clean, domestic, secure LNG, resulting in reduced fuel cost and environmental footprint. In its rich history, Stabilis has owned and operated five small scale liquefaction plants. It is experienced supply sourcing, treating and distributing natural gas from landfills, well sites, NRUs, utility storage facilities, merchant plants and import terminals.

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The company is vertically integrated from LNG production through distribution, and with onsite storage, vaporization and technical services. A pioneer in the industrial LNG market, Stabilis developed first-of-their-kind conversions of industrial fuel consumers to LNG in numerous sectors and provided project management support for numerous customers installing permanent on site facilities. Stabilis Energy is an independent natural gas distribution subsidiary of Stabilis Energy. For more information, please visit Stabilis Energy and Stabilis Energy.


There are a number of common questions every company must answer, whether they are a new start-up with high aspirations or well established companies that has been in business for years. The industry does not matter. Successful companies have established strong cultures that define how they view the world, and how they want to be viewed.

Questions such as:
• What is their purpose for doing business?
• What standards of ethics do they hold themselves to?
• Do they value their employees, their customers, innovation, teamwork?
• When do they take risks and under what circumstances?
• Is profitability the only thing that matters, and at any cost?

We at Stabilis developed a culture based on fundamental core values. Our core values drive decisions and strategies to continue making us a great company. These are:

Safety – “Can’t live without it”
Integrity – “We stand for honesty, ethics and respect in all our interactions”
Teamwork – “by working together everyone achieves more”
Customer Driven –“We provide exceptional service, exceeding all customer expectations”
High Performance – “We have the best in class people, service and results working with tenacity and urgency”


The policy of Stabilis Energy is to conduct its business in a manner which ensures that customer requirements are delivered in full and that all risks to people, property and the environment are controlled and reduced to as low a level as reasonably practicable. We are committed to providing superior quality and customer service, and to conducting our business in a responsible, safe and profitable manner with a target of Zero harm to all people and the environment. Our Quality and HSE Management systems are designed with policies, metrics and goals that are routinely evaluated for continuous improvement and with identifying organizational and individual achievements for recognition.

Stabilis Energy facilitates these policies through a QHSE Management System with the following objectives:

• Fully satisfy our customers by understanding their requirements and providing services which consistently meet those expectations.
• Recognize outstanding HS&E performance by our employees.
• Motivate, train, empower and engage our employees, customers and contractors in efforts relating to quality, health, safety and the environment.
• Identify hazards and aspects; analyze their impacts in HS&E performance, and implement controls to minimize losses or damage to people, environment, equipment, products and assets.
• Establish QHSE objectives with targets to evaluate results and strive to continuously improve these at all times.
• Aggressively pursue pollution prevention, energy conservation, wise use of natural resources and waste reduction.

We are committed to sustaining Quality and HS&E objectives as core values of the Management System at all levels. The commitments in this policy are in addition to our basic obligation to comply with our own standards, as well as all applicable law and regulations where we operate. Our commitments to QHSE are critical component to our success as it reduces risks and adds value for our customers using our products and services.