Stabilis Energy is a Leader in the Sourcing and Distribution of LNG to Multiple End Markets Across North America

Stabilis Energy’s logistics team operates “24/7/365” to meet customer requirements. Primary, secondary and tertiary supply sources are developed during the logistics planning phase, ensuring that LNG supply will always be available. Stabilis Energy has one of the largest fleets of cryogenic LNG tankers, storage units, and vaporizers making scheduled deliveries to customers all across North America. To date, our Access LNG Network has delivered more than 200+ million gallons and has made over 20,000 deliveries from 20+ liquefaction facilities across North America. Stabilis Energy aims to maximize your operating efficiency and reduce environmental impact.

Stabilis Energy has completed over 160 projects and has more than 150 transport, storage, and vaporization assets to suit almost any customer requirements with a focus on safety, reliability, and customer satisfaction.

  • Customer satisfaction as our top priority.
  • Stabilis Energy provides a wide variety of onsite mobile and stationary storage and regas systems. We support our customers with a nationwide team of experienced technicians to ensure maximum reliability and uptime for your consuming equipment.
  • Stabilis Energy's core values are complete quality and safety; we strive to meet or exceed our customers expectations and requirements.
  • 99.5+% LNG Delivery Reliability (for year 2019)
  • 99.5+% Equipment Uptime Reliability (for year 2019)