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Stabilis helps mobile and stationary asphalt plants combat fuel costs and meet emission mandates while gaining a competitive advantage in a sustainable, safe, and reliable way.

LNG is a clean burning fuel that won’t dirty your bag house filters which saves you maintenance expenses and the cost of replacement filters.  LNG also meets or exceeds emissions standards, has a consistent fuel quality, and can be implemented quickly.

Additionally, LNG does not experience seasonal price or availability fluctuations, allowing you to better estimate your fuel budget.



LNG is a strong alternative to traditional fuels used to heat boilers including those for frack water heating and supplemental power on job sites.  With the ability to meet high and fluctuating demand, LNG is a safe and reliable fuel source that does not experience seasonal price or availability fluctuations, allowing you to better estimate your fuel budget.

Stabilis has successfully provided LNG for boilers and has demonstrated a strong ability to implement this fuel source and continuously provide the appropriate amount of LNG for each project’s varying fuel demand.



Stabilis’ extensive portfolio of successfully transitioning drilling rigs and pressure pumping operations to run on LNG has led to streamlined commissioning processes, safe fueling procedures, and optimal LNG equipment placement onsite.  Our network of LNG sources throughout the U.S. ensure your operations will receive the most cost effective LNG regardless of where your rigs or fracking operations are moved.



Stabilis is an experienced, licensed and reliable exporter of product.
Stabilis liquefier is the closest LNG source to the Laredo Mexican border 90 miles from the Colombia Bridge.



LNG can be used for projects with off-grid flares and flares requiring supplemental fuel.  Stabilis is capable of providing all of the equipment and services necessary to make incorporating LNG fuel use for flare operations easy and seamless.  Our comprehensive fuel monitoring and our ability to provide 24/7 onsite service when necessary, allows you to rest assured that your flare operations will be managed cost effectively and without fuel interruptions.



LNG can be used for both mobile and stationary power generators as well as supplementary fuel for power plants.  LNG can expedite commissioning and start up prior to pipeline connection.  In addition, operations that are not able to connect directly to a natural gas pipeline can still experience the benefits of incorporating natural gas into their fuel portfolio through the use of Stabilis’ onsite storage and vaporization equipment as well as their highly trained staff.  Stabilis has successfully operated power generator equipment for a variety of high horse power industries, allowing operators to safely and cost effectively incorporate LNG while also meeting or exceeding emission standards.



Stabilis can help marine companies incorporate LNG into their operations in a variety of ways.  Whether you are interested in LNG bunkering from fuel that is stored onsite, bunkering directly from LNG transport trailers, or storing LNG ISO containers on a vessel, Stabilis has the knowledge and experience to provide you with best solution for your operations.

In addition, our strong understanding of the codes and regulations that must be met for an LNG project to succeed as well as our knowledge of existing engine, dock and vessel design options, is unmatched.  We understand the technical challenges that must be met so that you can be assured your vessels can fuel with LNG safely and efficiently every time.

As emission regulations continue to tighten, Stabilis looks forward to the opportunity to help your fleet prepare for the future in the most cost and time effective ways.



Stabilis has successfully supplied and dispensed thousands of gallons of LNG fuel for mine haul trucks.  We understand the demanding and challenging environment that mine operators work in and have designed special built-for-purpose equipment to meet those challenges.  With both mobile and stationary LNG fueling options available, Stabilis can customize a solution for you that will get your equipment refueled rapidly regardless of where it is operating.  Our strong relationships with engine manufacturers has given our technical teams the ability to quickly identify the best candidates in your fleet for conversion to LNG fuel and the fastest path forward to getting that equipment running on natural gas.  Stabilis offers mines a unique opportunity to reduce one of their largest cost segments, fuel, in a safe, efficient, and reliable way.

In addition to LNG for mine haul truck use, natural gas can also be used to fuel other operations at the mine such as power generation.  Stabilis has the knowledge to look at your entire mine’s energy use and identify additional potential areas for fuel savings with LNG.



Stabilis is proud to be providing LNG fuel for one of the largest natural gas trucking fleets in the United States.  We have successfully delivered thousands of gallons of LNG for multiple customers in the over the road market and have the technical ability to ensure your transition to LNG is seamless.  Our mobile and stationary fueling options allows us to customize a fueling solution for your fleet regardless if your vehicles travel on a fixed route.



Stabilis has provided fuel, equipment, staff and services for LNG pilot projects being conducted by two of the seven Class 1 railroads.  We have unparalleled knowledge and real world experience assisting with the rail industries transition to LNG fuel.  We understand the needs and challenges of fueling tender cars and have special built for purpose equipment to help you safely and efficiently dispense LNG.



Stabilis Energy’s mobile fuel solutions supply LNG for situations where portable ​​​​​​natural gas supply is needed. Our Mobile Energy Solutions team provides gas delivery services quickly and safely in conditions where portable or emergency fuel is needed to maintain operations during gas outages or pipeline integrity projects. Stabilis’ LNG virtual pipeline can keep your plant in operation when you need it most.