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Stabilis Energy offers a complete range of fully integrated LNG fueling solutions spanning from LNG production, LNG distribution, & technical support across North America.  Stabilis operates a 100,000 gallon per day LNG plant in George West, TX  and is a pioneer in safely providing mobile and stationary liquefied natural gas (LNG) solutions to industrial, utility, high-horsepower and other remote customers with 24/7/365 technical support.

With Stabilis you can make the transition to LNG with total confidence. You can lower your fuel costs and shrink your environmental footprint. Stabilis Energy - Bringing energy where you need it.











Natural gas combustion produces 20-30% less CO2 than distillate fuels per unit of work delivered. Emissions of nitrogen oxides–a leading component in smog and ozone pollution–are reduced by 75% or more.

Natural gas reduces particulate matter over 90%. When combustion fuel is switched from a distillate fuel to natural gas, emissions of sulfur oxides are reduced by 50% or more.


Stabilis Energy provides industrial users with a cleaner-burning, more affordable fuel resulting in lower fuel costs and less harmful emissions than fuels derived from crude oil-(e.g., propane, diesel, and heating oil).

Liquefied natural gas (LNG) is predominantly a domestic fuel source that drastically reduces dependence on imported crude oil and thus reduces oil imports to North America.


Stabilis Energy has owned and operated its George West, TX liquefaction facility, capable of producing 100,000 gallons a day,  since 2015 with 99%+ uptime operations and cost-effective production costs.

Stabilis Energy has been serving customers reliably throughout the Southern US and Mexico with high quality gas and available production capacity to meet your energy needs.


Stabilis Energy’s logistics team operates “24/7/365” to meet customer requirements. Primary, secondary and tertiary supply sources are developed during the logistics planning phase, ensuring that LNG supply will always be available. Stabilis Energy has one of the largest fleets of cryogenic LNG tankers, storage units, and vaporizers making scheduled deliveries to customers all across North America. To date, our AccessLNG™ network has delivered more than 200+ million gallons and has made over 20,000 deliveries from 20+ liquefaction facilities across North America. Stabilis Energy aims to maximize your operating efficiency and reduce environmental impact.

Stabilis Energy has completed over 160 projects and has more than 150 transport, storage, and vaporization assets to suit almost any customer requirements with a focus on safety, reliability, and customer satisfaction.



Stabilis Energy has supported pipeline customers meeting compliance requirements for routine integrity tests, temporary repairs, and capital upgrades. Projects are temporarily in nature, may have multiple injection points, and require significant LNG supply, mobile storage and vaporization capacity on site to meet instantaneous and sustained demand requirements. Optional odorization systems can be deployed with the Prometheus’ LNG service based on project requirements.

Stabilis Energy supports gas distribution companies by providing LNG and turnkey services to augment local gas utility demand requirements especially when local infrastructure may be constrained. This is especially important during times of peak demand when extreme winter weather events are forecast. We work together with our customers in a team environment to help meet their daily and seasonal energy demand cycles.LNG supply, on-site storage and regasification systems are deployed to designated injection points providing pressure support and volumes necessary for utilities to meet their obligations and/or help seed new markets when infrastructure is being constructed.

LNG is a strong alternative to traditional fuels used to heat boilers, furnances, kilns or other industrial heating demands; examples include frack water heating, food processing, agricultural drying, greenhouse demands, etc. With the ability to meet high and fluctuating demand, LNG is a safe and reliable fuel source that does not experience seasonal price or availability fluctuations, allowing you to better estimate your fuel budget. Stabilis Energy has successfully provided LNG across a wide variety of applications for heat and other thermal processes. We have demonstrated a strong ability to implement this fuel source and continuously provide the appropriate amount of LNG for each project’s varying fuel demand in a safe and reliable manner to meet your energy needs.

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Commercial & Industrial

Stabilis Energy has pioneered the use of LNG as an economically and environmentally favorable alternative to diesel fuel for various drilling and pressure pumping applications. Stabilis Energy deploys mobile LNG storage and vaporization adjacent to a rig’s dedicated natural gas or bi-fuel gen-set, providing a reliable, clean and consistent source of natural gas. This LNG project provides the same mobility as diesel, while also providing significant economic savings and material emission reductions (NOx, CO, VOC). Stabilis Energy has been the dedicated LNG fueling supply solution for over 3200 wells throughout North America. Stabilis Energy’s deep understanding of customer requirements has allowed it to operate safely while successfully managing the cadence required to meet drilling and completion schedules, rig and pressure pumping fleet moves and changing supply requirements on daily, weekly and monthly schedules.

Frac sand processing, mining, and quarrying operations consume extreme quantities of energy to supply process heat for dryers, roasters, heating kilns, boilers and other industrial equipment. Natural gas is also used to supply clean and economical fuel for mining trucks, power shovels, haul fleets, and other high horsepower equipment. In addition, mining operations are typical in remote locations, i.e. off-grid/off-pipeline, with limited fuel options beyond crude-derived products. Stabilis Energy has supported numerous mines, powered mine haul vehicles with LNG, and has been helping mining companies with their extraction progress save money with custom built LNG fueling solutions since 2010.The energy demands of mining are varied, our custom built LNG fuel solutions allow mining operators to displace high cost diesel consumption with lower cost LNG and further enjoy the environmental benefits of a lower emissions profile.

Stabilis Energy support of remote power generation is unmatched. By definition, remote power generation projects are off-grid and off-pipeline. The requirements may be permanent or temporary. Project durations vary in based on economics, timing and available access to regional line power or pipeline gas. LNG often becomes the permanent solution by providing the best quality gas and the most available and economic gas supply in the region.

Stabilis can help marine companies incorporate LNG into their operations in a variety of ways.  Whether you are interested in LNG bunkering from fuel that is stored onsite, bunkering directly from LNG transport trailers, or storing LNG ISO containers on a vessel, Stabilis has the knowledge and experience to provide you with best solution for your operations.

In addition, our strong understanding of the codes and regulations that must be met for an LNG project to succeed as well as our knowledge of existing engine, dock and vessel design options, is unmatched.  We understand the technical challenges that must be met so that you can be assured your vessels can fuel with LNG safely and efficiently every time.

As emission regulations continue to tighten with IMO 2020, Stabilis Energy looks forward to the opportunity to help your fleet prepare for the future in the most cost and time effective ways.

Stabilis is proud to be providing LNG fuel for one of the largest natural gas trucking fleets in the United States.  We have successfully delivered thousands of gallons of LNG for multiple customers in the over the road market and have the technical ability to ensure your transition to LNG is seamless.  Our mobile and stationary fueling options allows us to customize a fueling solution for your fleet regardless if your vehicles travel on a fixed route.

Stabilis is an experienced, licensed and reliable exporter of product.
Stabilis liquefier is the closest LNG source to the Laredo Mexican border 90 miles from the Colombia Bridge.